Saturday, October 1, 2011

Southern Baptists Consider Name Change; I Offer Suggestions

Via no one. This is mine.

The Southern Baptists have established a task force to look at whether their 166-year-old convention should adopt a new name with no regional nature and no links to slavery

That is from although you can find the story many places.

Hmm. I have a few suggestions.

"Homophobic Baptists: We're the Ones that Still Hate the Gays"

"American Baptists: Because you don't have to live in the south to be a bigot!"

"Un-American Baptists: Yeah, We're the Ones that Boycotted Disney and Now Huckabee thinks We're Un-American"

"The Forged Pauline Epistles Baptists: Women Need to Keep Their Damn Mouth Shut Unless We're Trying To Stick Something In It

"The Fucking Dick Baptists: Yeah, We Like Rick Warren, Why?"

"American Baptists Who Acknowledge That Barack Obama Tried to Include Us, Yet We Still Hate Him. Because you Know....He's Black!"

"The Fuck Apologizing Baptists. Because even if the world thinks we're Bigots, We're still going to hate those gays!"

"The 166 Year Bigots: Hey, it's worked for 166 years, why change now?"

"The Hypocrite Baptists: Help, We're Being Oppressed!"

Somehow, I think the name they decide on will be less descriptive of their mission.

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