Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dr. Rachie, Myth Buster

Tip of the hat to Richard Saunders.

From MamaMia.com comes Dr. Rachael Dunlop (Dr. Rachie to those in the know) to restore my faith in humanity. Just as a recently released study in Pediatrics breaks the bad news that 1 in 10 children are being put at risk by their parents, (see my previous post...) Dr. Rachie shines the light of science on the very myths that cause parents to make this horrible decision.

I am sure that those in the anti-vax community are already preparing their misinformation filled response. I'll personally be disappointed if they don't offer up at least 9 logical fallacies to promote the 9 myths Dr. Rachie has so effectively busted. My money is on at least two fallacies being of the ad hominem variety.

If you haven't heard, the anti-vaxxers can be just a tad nasty to those who disagree.

How Nasty?

This nasty.

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