Friday, August 22, 2008

Dr. Frank is an asshole.

Dr. Frank's Pet Pain Spray

Homeopathic pet pain relief. 5 sprays in your pets water bowl everytime you give it water. 20 bucks for a 200 spray bottle.

I have a blind dog. He had poor vision as a puppy when I adopted him from the humane society (who found him left along the side of the road. How can anyone leave a puppy on the side of the road to die? Anyway,....) and lost the rest of his vision before he was a year old. He gets around pretty well. He has a habit of picking up one of my sneakers and carrying it around the house. If I didn't know better, I'd swear he uses the sneaker like a blind person uses a cane, carrying it so when he runs into something, the shoe hits first instead of his head.

I bring up my dog because I feel the pain of the people in the commercial for Dr. Frank's. I wish I could give my dog sight. I feel horrible when he runs into something, especially something new I just brought into the house that he isn't familiar with. I know that a lot of people, myself included, consider their pets part of the family. Ranger (my dog) dislocated his shoulder one day, and I held him, comforted him, and cried until he stretched out and popped it back in place. I can not stand suffering, and I would do anything that I could to prevent any member of my family from suffering.

And now, for 20$ to start, Dr. Frank will take advantage of our love for our pets, and sell us a bottle of flavored water.

I hate people.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Evidence? Who needs evidence to start a panic?

Oh what the fu....

I remember the good ole days, when a flawed study actually had to be released for the panic to hit the streets. You may remember it as well. Power lines. Childhood Leukemia. Well meaning social scientists. Lack of control groups. Lack of proper methodology. Logical fallacies. The end result being widespread panic as people began believing that the electromagnetic radiation from power lines was causing cancer in little kids. An entire industry sprung up to take advantage of it, and it took real scientists years of real science and proper studies to convince people of the truth. Living near power lines is not going to kill your child. There is no increased cancer risk from the power lines. Hell, even today, you will find people who still believe the lines are giving tons of innocent children a horrible disease and the scientists are covering up the truth. All from a couple poorly done studies.

Well, now you don't even need a study. You can just wake up in the morning and decide to freak half of the United States out.

Front page of my local fish wrap today, Ronald B. Herberman, MD, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute has issued a warning linking cell phone usage with brain cancer.

So I know what you must be thinking. The head of a major cancer research center issues a warning that using cell phones can cause/causes brain cancer, he must have some hard evidence to back it up. Surely he wouldn't freak out the country and start another cancer panic without knowing what he was talking about, right?


Nope. Dr. Herberman issued his warning based on "early unpublished data." And you know, if this "early unpublished data" was coming from the first study ever done on the possible link between cell phones and cancer, I may give him a pass and assume that the "early unpublished data" actually backs him up on his claims.

But this is a subject that has been studied before. And the results are always the same. There is no link between cell phones and brain cancer. The study that his "early unpublished data" comes from, a multinational research project known as Interphone has already released peer reviewed results. And guess what? No cancer link so far.

So why issue the warning? Well, the good doctor says that "it takes too long to get answers from science and he believes people should take action now — especially when it comes to children." JENNIFER C. YATES and SETH BORENSTEIN AP News

Let's let Dr. Herberman speak for himself.

"Really at the heart of my concern is that we shouldn't wait for a definitive study to come out, but err on the side of being safe rather than sorry later"

So rather than letting science work, and seeing if there is a risk involved, let's throw it all out and go with our gut feeling.

Pushing this man to yell, "fire!" in a crowded theater, apparently, was Devra Lee Davis, the director of the university's center for environmental oncology. She says:

"I don't know that cell phones are dangerous. But I don't know that they are safe."

Isn't that precious? Well, let's warn people about breathing. I mean, I don't know that breathing is dangerous, but I don't know that it is safe either! 100% of all people who breathe end up dying, after all.

Seriously. Technology comes with a price, whether it's pollution, health risks, or just that it makes us a little bit lazier. We really don't know the looooooooong term effects of cell phone use. But we really don't know the long term effects of countless new inventions. Maybe my ipod is giving me herpes and my flat screen is turning my brain into lettuce. Right now, all available evidence shows no link between cell phones and cancer. The FDA states on their website that if there is a risk from using cell phones, while stressing that they have no evidence that there is a risk, the risk would be very small.

We can live in fear, or we can live. Each and everyone of us has so many real terrors to worry about. To issue an unsupported warning like this is irresponsible and a slap in the face to science. Dr. Herberman probably thinks he is saving lives, but all he is causing is this:

Susan Juffe, a 58-year-old Pittsburgh special education teacher, heard about Herberman's cell phone advice on the radio earlier in the day.

"Now, I'm worried. It's scary," she said.

She says she'll think twice about allowing her 10-year-old daughter Jayne to use the cell phone.

"I don't want to get it (brain cancer) and I certainly don't want you to get it," she explained to her daughter.

Thank you for giving millions of people something new to worry about, for no reason at all.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Polygamists 1, Texas 0

Is forcing your teenage daughter to get married to a man with multiple wives and have her first sexual experience on a bed in the middle of the chapel an act you should lose custody of your children over?

Not in Texas.

In an embarassing ruling for the Texas State Child Protective Services agency, the Third Court of Appeals ruled that the state had no right to take custody of the more than 440 children living at the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints compound in West Texas. Read the whole story HERE.

The court ruled that there was no proof the children were in immediate danger, which is apparently the only legal justification for seizing custody in Texas.

This whole case bothers me. In a country built upon freedom of religion, this case toes the line of what is acceptable religious beliefs and what requires government action. Clearly to me, these children are being abused. Isolated from the world and born into the sect they will most likely die a part of because of an accident of birth. The male children are routinely abandoned so there are enough wives for the current men. The female kids have it worse, being in my eyes little more than property, sheltered from the world their whole lives, forced to conform and believe, until their parents marry them off in their early teens to a much older man. These kids are brainwashed from birth, and as a free citizen, I honestly have trouble imagining what it would be like to have no opportunity at all to make choices in my life.

One of the founding principles of this country is freedom to choose and practice your own religion, or no religion. But there has to be limits. Where do you draw the line? When does a belief stop being protected, and start being child abuse?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Biblical ignorance.

I was over at Fundies say the Darndest Things this morning, catching up on the lunacy, and everytime I'm there I am shocked as to how little some christians know about their own bible.

I'm not talking about biblical scholarship here either, although that would definately be a topic I could rant over. I just mean the actual contents of the book that they claim is infalible.

This quote by NewLifeInHim here! is what brought the topic to mind today. For those who don't feel like clicking the little linky link, NLIH is throwing a hissy fit over dancing, saying how his daughters will never dance and how dancing is the ebil. Phonix immediately schools him in the comments by quoting several verses of the bible that celebrate and encourage dancing.

Look, if you are a fundementalist Christian, that's your choice. I obviously think your beliefs are wrong, and I will argue and debate them with you, but I know that is as effective as mowing the lawn with nail clippers. But it is your right to believe what you want, and I'll fight for that right even though I disagree.

But seriously. Crack open that bible. Do some reading on your own, and not just the chapters your pastor tells you to read. If you believe that book is the living word of god, perfect and inerrent in all aspects, then don't you owe it to yourself and to god to read the whole thing?

You place so much trust in the bible, using it to justify and defend your worldview, yet so many of you seem to only know the verses you are told to read. That's not the bible influencing your worldview! That's your pastor telling you what to believe. Who are you going to trust? Your perfect book, written by god himself, or a sinful man prone to mistakes?

So open up that book and read something for yourself. If you are going to base your life off the bible, at least read it. You'll learn more about your own religion, you may grow spiritually, and at the least you'll be better prepared the next time some smarmy atheist like me who knows the bible decides to debate your beliefs.

I recommend the Song of Songs as a good starting point.

Now go! Read! When you're done, we'll talk about some biblical scholarship. Because really, you look like fools when you insist the gospels were really written by Matt, Mark, Luke, and John.

Court ordered drug treatment part 1. The life of a junkie

Imagine for a second you are someone else. No longer safe behind your computer, you now are in the body of a heroin addict. You wake up every morning sick. It starts with just the sniffles and the shivers, but you know it will progress rapidly into the worst flu you can imagine, until your legs kick involuntarily, preventing sleep, until the bile burns your throat from the endless vomiting, until your body aches with every move, and every minute is sheer torture, until your mind screams for either death or the one thing that can instantly end your suffering. Heroin, beautiful heroin.

And so when you awake, your priorities are different than the common man. While others shower, shit, and shave, brush their teeth and break their fast before continuing their productive lives, you have one and only one thing on your mind. Getting the next fix. If you have the money and live in a major city, your quest can be as easy as walking to the corner. But if you live in a minor city, or a rural area, suddenly things aren't that easy. Besides being charged 2 to 8 times more (when I was in active addiction, a bag of heroin sold for $5 to 10$ in Pittsburgh and Philly. The charge in Altoona? $30 to $40) than you would in a big city, dealers in the small cities and rural areas can't set up shop on the corner. So you start making phone calls, hoping at least one of your dealers woke up before you and has your poison in stock. To keep this mental image moving, we'll assume someone actually answered their phone. (Most drug dealers have no respect for their customers. When you move away from the city, less competition leads to worse and worse treatment. Drug dealers don't have normal hours of business. Their hours are "When I feel like it," to "When I don't feel like it.") So now it's off to meet your dealer and get your drugs. If you are lucky, you know someone who lets you come to their house. If not, expect to stand on a random street waiting for someone. When that someone actually arrives, 9 times out of 10 it isn't your dealer, but a runner (drug addict who earns his dope by delivering the drugs, thereby lowering the risk to the dealer while putting his own freedom on the line) who probably pinched (took a little bit out for himself) your bag.

So now you got your dope. You are probably late for work, or cutting it close, you haven't showered, but at least you can function....if you had the money. In the big city, a one bag a day addiction is comparable to smoking a pack or more a day. But it never stays at one bag, because of tolerance. At my worst, I had a 14 bag a day addiction, and from talking with a lot of addicts in my time, my addiction was minor. 14 bags a day is a $70 to $140 dollar a day habit. If you are paying rural/small city prices, we are talking up to $560 a day. Where does the money come from?

It comes from stealing. It comes from running into Wal-mart, filling a shopping cart with dvd's and electronics, and running out the door with it. It comes from crooked pawn dealers, from bad checks, from selling every item you own. It comes from ripping off fellow addicts, or if you want to put your life on the line, ripping off your dealer. If you don't live in the city, the cost is just too much. So you begin driving to the city to get your drugs. For one 4 month stretch, I drove the 4 hours to philly 5 times a week. You start to pick up drugs for your friends while you are their, and then you may start to sell the drug yourself. The legality doesn't matter. What matters is heroin, and to get that you need the cash, so getting the cash becomes an "at all costs" propisition. For some, even their body is on sale.

But heroin costs much more than just money. Your friends disappear because you either stole from them, ripped them off, or just stopped calling. Your new buddies are all heroin addicts. Your girlfriend is now either addicted or gone. Kids? Ha, you just spent their diaper money for a bag of dope. Your teeth are rotting, veins collapsing, chances are you have Hep C now, and if you are really unlucky, HIV. Eventually, you are going to fuck up at work or school. Can you have a heroin addiction and still get good grades or be a good employee? Sure.....for a while. I carried a 4.0 for two semesters while using, only to have to withdraw after I started driving to Philly. I was head bartender/head trainer of a Don Pablo's until I walked out one day because my dealer couldn't deliver. Eventually, the house of cards you built will come crashing down.

And then it happens. The police kick in your door at 6 am, guns drawn, and they drag you out of bed, to a holding tank with 20 other addicts. It's a drug sweep, and they don't care if you don't steal, if you don't sell. All they care about is the fact that you use, and they have a confidental informant that they paid with money to get high, who will swear you sold them dope. In your boxers and t-shirt, you go in front of a magistrate who sets your bail, say 10% of $50,000. If you are lucky, you have someone who will bail you out. If not, get ready to go to county jail. If you can hire a lawyer, he may be able to get your bail reduced before your court date. Or you can sit in jail, innocent or guilty, until you take a plea bargin or take your case to trial, 6 to 10 months in the future. They will ask you to be a confidental informant, offering to keep you high as long as you get busts for them. They will lie to you about the evidence, overcharge you, and threaten you with years if not decades in jail. No matter how suspect the evidence, they will not drop all the charges. The plea bargins will get sweeter and sweeter as time goes by, because they don't want the case to go to trial. C.I.'s have a habit of not showing up at trial. Of course, you don't want to go to trial either, even if you are innocent. A jury trial in front of 12 non-heroin users in a town where the newspaper has trumped the drug problem up to be the end of the world as we know it? "We find the defendant Guilty!" "But sir, we haven't even started the trial!" A trial by judge can be just as bad, as they were all elected to be tough on crime, especially drug crime.

So you take a plea. If you are a non-violent drug offender on your first offense, and they don't have evidence that you are a major dealer, you are probably looking at probation, some minor jail time and drug treatment. Yeah, you probably have a felony on your record now, closing many doors in your future, but it's not the end of the world. Except you are a heroin addict. And one of your stipulations of probation is to not use drugs. You better hope the drug treatment works.