Monday, May 19, 2008

Biblical ignorance.

I was over at Fundies say the Darndest Things this morning, catching up on the lunacy, and everytime I'm there I am shocked as to how little some christians know about their own bible.

I'm not talking about biblical scholarship here either, although that would definately be a topic I could rant over. I just mean the actual contents of the book that they claim is infalible.

This quote by NewLifeInHim here! is what brought the topic to mind today. For those who don't feel like clicking the little linky link, NLIH is throwing a hissy fit over dancing, saying how his daughters will never dance and how dancing is the ebil. Phonix immediately schools him in the comments by quoting several verses of the bible that celebrate and encourage dancing.

Look, if you are a fundementalist Christian, that's your choice. I obviously think your beliefs are wrong, and I will argue and debate them with you, but I know that is as effective as mowing the lawn with nail clippers. But it is your right to believe what you want, and I'll fight for that right even though I disagree.

But seriously. Crack open that bible. Do some reading on your own, and not just the chapters your pastor tells you to read. If you believe that book is the living word of god, perfect and inerrent in all aspects, then don't you owe it to yourself and to god to read the whole thing?

You place so much trust in the bible, using it to justify and defend your worldview, yet so many of you seem to only know the verses you are told to read. That's not the bible influencing your worldview! That's your pastor telling you what to believe. Who are you going to trust? Your perfect book, written by god himself, or a sinful man prone to mistakes?

So open up that book and read something for yourself. If you are going to base your life off the bible, at least read it. You'll learn more about your own religion, you may grow spiritually, and at the least you'll be better prepared the next time some smarmy atheist like me who knows the bible decides to debate your beliefs.

I recommend the Song of Songs as a good starting point.

Now go! Read! When you're done, we'll talk about some biblical scholarship. Because really, you look like fools when you insist the gospels were really written by Matt, Mark, Luke, and John.

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